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Development Articles

2007-07-24 10:22:58 by different

* Update: I've decided not to share these articles on Newgrounds, rather on my website, when that is finished. Look out for it. *


Something I'd really like to share with you guys and girls, is something of my knowledge of being a web developer, and what my views are on the Internet, usability, programming, designing etc.

However I mostly find that such views don't seem to get many views on the forums. I'm wondering whether this is because there are too many topics to look at - or that you may not have grasped the essence of what I want to say in that post.

I could go around hunting for some of my lengthier opinions on the subject, but frankly, I'd rather start fresh.

Now, as to these articles being on Newgrounds - I do want to set up my own site, however I feel that now is not the time yet, perhaps because I want to find a definitive project to achieve that will get me recognition on the Internet. You know, something like WordPress. Only, it would have to be better. ;-)

So, this is a test. Who does actually care enough to look at my profile to hear what I have to say?

Enough people comment on this and I will start posting my thoughts. :-)


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2007-07-24 10:24:38

I'd read it. It can be interesting to hear you rant :)

different responds:

Yeah. I love ranting. :-)

But, I also hoped that what I would be posting here would be beneficial to people reading it. I've learned a lot from different web designers, developers and so on, and from that I've applied that thinking to how I go about writing applications, or coding websites.

And also because I'd love for our young developers who are up and coming, to use the latest techniques - not some horrible table based markup from ten years ago. :-)


2007-07-24 11:05:19

I'd read them, but you still should get your website online, lazy ;)

different responds:

I reckon after I get back from holiday. ;-)

Hopefully that will be when I'm releasing a new application, too.


2007-07-24 11:30:46

I'll probably give them a good read.
However, i think i'd prefer to read them on BenBriggs.com (if thats your name :P) rather than on your Newgrounds userpage :)

different responds:

I'd have to come up with a better url than that. ;-)

I like http://www.quirksmode.org <- PPK's site.


2007-07-24 18:43:51

I would definitly read them... BUT STILL GET A SITE >: (

different responds:

Working on it. ;-)


2007-07-26 13:33:17

yeah, I'd read 'em


2007-08-19 00:39:17

Read it must I will. Shall you get online? No one knows....

different responds:

Well, I have been away from the 'net for two weeks, been in Dorset. Nice it was too.


2007-08-26 13:22:13

DIFFERNT! You are my hero.

different responds:

You spelled my alias wrong.

It's 'different'. All lowercase. With two Es. ;-)


2007-12-26 20:26:51

I'd read it, oh, wise one.


2008-04-22 06:23:26

I'd read it because you're different from everyone else.